One of our favourite long-term local customers brought in an email from his niece in the US this week, which he's happy for us to share. We just love it and we've included a picture of a similar piece...its such a great lyrical exploration of inspiration and how an artist's design can be interpreted so many ways in the eye of happy receiver...

Dear [family],
I just don't know what to say about that bowl--it's one of the most gorgeous works of art I have ever seen!! That blue so looks like drifting clouds and water at the same time--and the bottom is such a lovely contrast like fall leaves and stones in a shallow stream bed--or who knows what other natural combinations--I don't really now HOW to describe it guess, other than fabulous!!!

Right now it's sitting on my bureau in the new Eagle House in Maine waiting for the wedding--and for Joth and I to see it together and think about where it should properly live...it is named Big Sky after all, which might pull favour for Montana...but then, one could argue for being near the water too...???...how lucky we are to have such a wonderful choice to make about where it should be!!!

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