Melting Pot On The Move

Story of the Project
We are Margaret River glassblowers, Gerry Reilly and Margot Edwards, husband and wife partners in the Melting Pot Glass Studio; locals, artists and long-term contributors to our vibrant culture and community in the south west corner of Western Australia. Many of you will know us as friends already.

We love to work with hot glass and we love to create and share our passion in inspiring environments.

Now we are realising our long held dream of buying our home of 20+ years, moving our studio and turning our simple 1.5ha hilltop in a creative space to do the things we do well; blow glass, make art across many mediums, garden, grow trees, and connect with those who share these passions.

We've spent a lifetime getting to here and all our resources are tied to purchasing our block, with support from our families.

In a highly successful Crowdfunding campaign in late 2013, we invited friends and followers to join us with a key stage in this evolving journey. with their incredible support, we raised the $20000 needed to move our studio to its new home. The Foundation Friends of the new studio are thus now forever established, and we are humbled and enabled by their generosity and connection to our dream.

Working together keeps us connected and inspired; and Gerry's vibrant art glass designs continue to capture a unique sense of place...bringing the glass home combines our many dreams and talents in a sustainable future:

- focus on design, commission and creation of art glass;
- minimise use of energy, and maximise use of waste heat;
- grow edible garden, fire-retardant trees and flowers for vases
- develop multiple creative spaces;

- nurture young artists in studio practice;
and give you the chance to collect, create or contribute as ongoing 'friends'....
If this potential fires up something in you, now is your chance to join us - jump on our mailing list; contact us for a design consultation for your custom-made piece of Gerry's unique art glass, your corporate or business/sporting award commission; discuss with Margot your wholesale order for your gallery or gift shop; book a hot glassmaking experience/workshop with Gerry or our son Ned; or come to one of our upcoming events - make the leap with us and come along for the journey... You'll love it!
How the crowdfund is being used
Last year we invested $20000 of our funds in purchasing a custom built furnace and glory hole.
We now currently use the cleanest fuel available in the most efficient way possible.
In our new studio, we will be able to increase our energy efficiency further, and reuse the waste heat in a custom built facility eg. Energy generation, water heating, greenhouse propagation.

To move and set-up a professional hot glass studio to the required regulations requires:

infrastructure $10000,
gas installation $5000
carpentry $5000
Funds raised though Crowdfunding have covered these costs. Our thanks to our families who are the rock we stand on, all our Foundation Friends both through our Pozible campaign, and all those dear locals who have helped us with their kindness, hard work and professional support. We launched the new Melting Pot on Saturday, February 22 and started blowing hot glass again on March 1 ... 23 years and 3 months to the day that we first blew glass at our original Melting Pot Glass Studio in 1990!